About SciflyTech

Story and Team

We all get better at what we do when we have better information to work with. Timely, rich and accurate data drives good performance. However, in many industrial verticals, collecting, analyzing, visualizing and sharing data are still difficult and expensive. Our team is here to change this situation.

SciflyTech aims to solve data collection and reporting challenges that industries are facing. We deeply integrate AI, cloud and drones to develop intelligent and industry-specific drone-powered data solutions. Our solutions are transforming how people capture, visualize and analyze aerial intelligence.

Our team consists of young and passionate people from different specializations and different countries. Our R&D team has extensive research and application experience in UAV and robotics. Our business development team designs tailored onboarding processes for our customers to makes sure that our solutions are smoothly integrated into their workflow.

SciflyTech finished its multi-million RMB angel round investment in July 2017. Our drone-powered data solutions are currently being used for precise mapping of air pollution distributions and infrastructure inspection in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Guizhou provinces in China.

SciflyTech had filed more than 20 patents until the end of August 2017, including 3 U.S. pending patents.

Prospects for Cooperation

SciflyTech looks forward to collaborating with industry partners around the world to promote applications of intelligent drone systems in different industrial verticals. 

Become our distribution partner

Interested in selling SciflyTech's solutions to your customers? No problem! SciflyTech looks forward to collaborating with distributors around the world to help our solutions reach more customers. We offer competitive products and supports to our distributors to achieve win-win cooperations.

Joint development of drone-powered data solutions for specific industrial verticals

Target partners: Companies in industrial verticals

SciflyTech is happy to cooperate with companies in specific industrial verticals to co-develop industry-specific drone-powered data solutions, solving data collection and reporting challenges they are facing.


Target partners: Drone manufactures

SciflyTech looks forward to licensing our data-related technology to drone manufactures, helping them differentiate their drone products.

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